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Windows 10 and VMware 10 don't like each other

windows 10 and vmware 10 don't like each other meme imgur

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Because Microsoft or because VMWare or because both?

They are pointing fingers at each other, but I think the blame falls squarely on Windows for this one.

I've heard Windows alternates between bad versions and good versions.

Is Windows 10 the bad version?

The installation and upgrade part certainly is, but I have high hopes for the OS itself.

BTW, I think I found a way around their artificial restriction.

Well at least there's a workaround, then.

Still, it's sad that two of the biggest software companies in the world can't work together.

I tried installing it native on my home computer too.  3 tries so far.....

Excruciatingly long wait for redownloading of the updates every time.

Excruciatingly long "Installing Windows 10" process.

Excruciatingly long "Updating Windows 10" after that, and on the second reboot, it keeps losing the ability to recognize my OCZ SSD. 


Geez. Did you decide to pay for Solitaire or are you just gonna suffer through the ads?

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