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Theory of How The Pyramids Were Built So Perfectly

Building the pyramids of Egypt: A detailed step by step guide:

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A much better explanation is at 22:44 in Ancient Aliens Debunked:

This guy basically rips apart the ancient aliens one by one and this is the part of the video about the great pyramids.

The grand galley of the great pyramid of Giza was more than likely an ancient freight elevator, and the stones were brought up through an internal ramp that was closed at the end of the construction. Evidence of such tunnels exists is supported by a brief GPR survey in the late 90's.

I'd highly recommend this video to anyone curious about ancient construction. He goes through stonehenge as well as easter island, etc.

I wish we could be able to see the pyramids back to their initial splendor.

It must have been fantastic.

Created before there were labor laws so their commitment was to making them fantastic even if it caused many humans misery to make them. 

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