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Wine Decanting Tips from Blackberry Farm's Andy Chabot

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Decant all the wines!

I'm so mesmerized by the gif I forget which wine needs decanting. 

Decant (almost) all the wines!

Decant whenever the spirit moves you. Unless a wine is very, very old (we're talking 35 years or older) and fragile, Chabot says, decanting is a good idea. And it's not limited to reds: Whites benefit equally from being poured into a vessel before serving. "It looks great. It elevates the wine and makes anything fancy," Chabot says. You should always decant a young wine to aerate it, Chabot says, and to get sediment out of old ones.

With really old ones,  you need a high precision wine decantur to be able to split exactly where the good stuff ends and the bad stuff starts. 

high precision wine decantur Imgur

What does aeration do?

And how does decanting get sediment out of old ones?

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