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Think Kubrick was obsessed with detail? Games design is going much further than film...


What should strike anyone watching the video who is not directly involved in game development, is the fact that each finicky kind of detail (like the particular size of the stitching in the cloth, small holes in the leather, the number, position and individual structure of specific wrinkles and the precise shapes of the folds on a shirt as well as the exact way that it moves once half of it is tucked in at the waist) shows unmistakable signs of having received the kind of time-consumingly meticulous attention (from multiple specialists at several different stages of the design process ‘pipeline’, each working on these things at length, both individually and in collaboration) that you might imagine would normally be exclusively reserved for some major strategic feature of the game. Sure, Kubrick would put in a ton (often many years) of research before embarking on anything, build vast, intricate, high-concept, budget-busting sets and then, once he was filming, he wouldn’t balk at doing hundreds of takes for each shot. But even Kubrick at his most outrageously obsessive did not have to spend countless hours systematically sculpting the flesh, skin, bone and yes, even the visible blood vessels of his characters, let alone find himself worrying about how every single inch of the clothing that he draped over them not only fitted their body in the way intended, but also how it responded to the laws of physics.

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