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The Thriving World, the Wilting World, and You

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A heartfelt and brilliant essay that challenges the winners of the world -- as represented by attendees of the Aspen Institute's Action Forum -- to ask whether they are part of the solution... or really more part of the problem.

This essay drove home to me like no other that there is no longer ANY even vaguely realistic alternative to capitalism except for the homicidal poisons of racism and jihad. Our idea of pie-in-the-sky thinking has become something like... maybe rich people should pay their employees a living wage just to be more fair?!? That passes for radical soul-searching today. Burnt on the altars of 20th century history are the dreams of workers seizing the means of production, hippie communes, matriarchal societies, 40 acres and a mule, and all the rest. The most notable socio-political movement of the last decade, Occupy Wall Street, had no prescription beyond "SHIT IS FUCKED UP".

Rich people themselves are divided. 

Half of them want to raise the living standard of most people. 

The other half clearly don't care. 

Where we go as a society depends on which side wins out in a Citizens United world.