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To make better decisions, ask yourself what would you recommend someone else do if they were in your situation? ~Dan Ariely

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Expert Tip #3: How To Make Better Decisions

What would you recommend someone else do if they were in your situation?

Advice from Dan Ariely, Duke professor and author of Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions:

If I had to give advice across many aspects of life, I would ask people to take what’s called “the outside perspective.” And the outside perspective is easily thought about: “What would you do if you made the recommendation for another person?” And I find that often when we’re recommending something to another person, we don’t think about our current state and we don’t think about our current emotions. We actually think a bit more distant from the decision and often make the better decision because of that.

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Expert Tip #6: How To Pitch An Idea Like A Pro

Don’t try to convince them; try to get them to contribute.

Advice from Dan Pink, NYT bestselling author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us and To Sell is Human:

Basically, these two scholars, they started studying Hollywood pitching.They did a very exhaustive study. Basically what they found, which you know, I’m sure, from your screenwriting days, is that pitching isn’t about convincing somebody, pitching is essentially about inviting them in.

That’s essentially their view. That changed my view on it a little bit. I think pitching is like, “Are you with me?” and actually that’s not the way to do it. The way to do it is, “Here’s the pitch. What’s your contribution?” When the other side contributes, it actually builds something, and it’s usually a little bit better, but also the other side is more invested in it and so forth. The idea of pitching is to begin an engagement with somebody, not to necessarily convince them right there.

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Expert Tip #5: Be A Better Networker

Take five minutes every day to do something easy for you that is very valuable to someone else.

Advice from Adam Rifkin, who Fortune Magazine declared the most networked guy in Silicon Valley:

Every day, do something selfless for someone else that takes under five minutes. The essence of this thing you do should be that it makes a big difference to the person receiving the gift. Usually these favors take the form of an introduction, reference, feedback, or broadcast on social media.

But yeah, do something that’s not for yourself, every single day. Expect nothing in return. Over time, these random acts of kindness will really add up.

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