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Hitchbot 'murder' has researchers worrying about robot cruelty

Hitchbot murder has researchers worrying about robot cruelty Fusion


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen human-on-robot violence. A recent study showed kidsliked bullying and harassing mall robots. Some didn’t stop when the robot told them they were hurting it. Other humans have been caught on video kicking robodogs.

Researchers and ethicists have thinking about how these types of questionable behaviors might impact society for some time. In 1999, Pete Remine founded a Seattle-based robo-rights project, dubbed the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Robots. Its purpose is “to ensure the rights of all artificially created sentient beings.”

Another robotics researcher argued in a paper in 2010 that if we didn’t deal properly with the issue, “abuses towards robots may become a serious hindrance to their future deployment, and safety.” At the time, most artificial intelligence researchers thought he was a bit of a kook, but now others, like the University of Washington’s Ryan Calo, a cyberlaw expert, are backing him up:

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It's a very sad thing, and I hope we learn to stop human-on-robot violence.

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