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Greg Cosell's NFL Classroom: Aaron Rodgers makes complex play look easy

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I love this newish web series from Greg Cosell, where he breaks down plays in plain English. This particular play was featured in the highlight package when Rodgers won 2nd place in the 2015 100 Top NFL Players list.

You're right that Aaron Rodgers is so skilled, he makes it look easy.

When Rodgers rolls his shoulders and head to the left side, David goes that way. Rodgers beats David with such a subtle move that it would be almost impossible to see live. He moves the linebacker out of the way. Then Cobb comes right in the void.

It looks so simple at first glance, right? It's anything but simple. That's high-level quarterbacking. And that's also why we watch film, to find those subtle things that you don't see right away. It's fun to discover a play like this.

It's not just Rodgers' shoulder roll that gets Cobb open. Rodgers has to wait a beat to throw the ball until Cobb is fully open. Not every quarterback is that patient. Rodgers knows the longer he sits in the pocket the more likely he is to get hit. But he waits for Cobb to clear David so he's open. That's a skill as well, to stand in the pocket when you know the rush is coming.