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The World's Best Whisky Goes To Outer Space

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The potential for whisky snobbery just increased astronomically. Japanese distillery Suntory recently announced that it will be sending its world-renowned whiskies to outer space to study the effect that zero gravity has on aging.

Bored with only having the best whisky in the world, the Tokyo-based distillery is sending six samples of whisky and other alcoholic beverages to the International Space Station to test how they will age in zero gravity. From there, experiments on the "development of mellowness" will be conducted over a period of about a year. The samples will be transported to outer space in a glass flasks, which will include a 21-year-old single malt, and a whisky that has just been distilled.

(Is Suntory whisky or whiskey?)

Suntory is whisky:

Whisky in Space sounds like a good reality TV series. I'd watch that. 

If that can bring a little more money to space activities...

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