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Kissy-face winking swarthy long-haired balding guy gif

I've been searching for this gif for months, and it just showed up again on my Tumblr dashboard.

Kissy face winking swarthy long haired balding guy gif Tumblr imgur now kiss wink fireworks

Stashed in: gifs, Reaction GIFs!, Now Kiss!, Best of Tumblr, XY, Reaction Gifs, Wink!

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"You're welcome, ladies."

I'm wondering which keywords in the title of this page are the ones Lucas will use the next time he wants to search for this gif.

Also is it me or does he look like an older Robert Downey Jr?

As it turns out, they were "pandawhale bald guy kissy face gif". I stashed that gif precisely because I never knew how to google it, and had to settle for it randomly turning up on tumblr when I least expected.

Thank you for the insight.

It's been more than a year since I've seen this gif and it still brings me joy.  

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