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What do cochlear implants sound like?

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I know someone who got one of these recently, but it didn't work :(

Does the person know why it didn't work? I guess there's still room for improvement...

As is explained in chapter 8 of "Auditory Neuroscience", the speech processors connected to cochlear implants may operate in a number of different modes, such as "compressed analog" (CA), "continuous interleaved sampling" (CIS) or any number of variants of these modes. What exactly they sound like will depend in the speech processor setting, and some settings are impossible to mimick by sound delivered to a healthy inner ear. The noise vocoded speech presented here is probably best thought of as a reasonable approximation of CA coding. CIS should have a rather different subjective sound quality which is impossible to mimic with real sounds, but it is not necessarily more informative of the sound source.

She did not however get a tattoo this awesome... maybe it would have worked if she had!

Father Gets Cochlear Tattoo So Daughter Doesn't Feel Different | artFido's Blog

"Father Gets Cochlear Tattoo So Daughter Doesn't Feel Different..."

What a wonderful father!

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