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Belsomra Commercial - Furry Sleep Wake


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You're right, this is peculiar. Are wake and sleep supposed to be little dogs?

Conceptually this commercial is too distracting for me to understand what they're selling. 

I think they're marvelously ambivalent -- could be either dogs or cats (or even ferrets). The music is bittersweet and lilting. Once I figured out that it was a sleeping pill, I was even more blown away by the creativity of the presentation.

You make some good points, Morris.

But yeah it took me way to long to figure out that it was a sleeping pill.

Too clever is not so clever. :)

I don't disagree with that, Adam. I had to Google the name of the drug myself. I guess I was  so entranced with the form that the substance escaped me, although it was quite clearly stated. The advertising should have been more blatant, ironically.

Agreed. If I were watching it on TV I would have completely missed the point. 

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