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Requiem for the Dead about Gun Deaths in America, by HBO Documentary Films

I was shocked, I didn't realize over 30,000 people in the US die every year by gun, 88/day, I feel lucky to have evaded it so far!  For perspective, around 10,000 die every year from drunk driving.

During every spring in America, over 8,000 people are killed from gun violence, according to HBO. In honor of the very first National Gun Violence Awareness Day on Tuesday, June 2, 2015, HBO released the first trailer for their upcoming documentary, "Requiem for the Dead: American Spring 2014."

From directors Nick Doob and Shari Cookson, "Requiem for the Dead" is made entirely from found footage, including social media posts, 9-1-1 calls, news stories and police files. The film tells the stories of those who have been killed by gunfire, whether from accidental violence, random shootings, family disputes or suicide. Hear those stories of those who have died, which is only a fraction of the 32,000 people killed in America each year, 88 per day, from gun violence.

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Have you seen this documentary yet? HBO has been doing well with docs lately.

Yes, it was very good, really did a good job of showing the variety of different circumstances that lead to gun deaths, not just living in a bad neighborhood, it could happen to any one of us :(

Yes, it seems like there's a lot of tragedy. It must be tough to watch this. 

Definitely not a pleasure, but important.

Is it just descriptive, or does it have a point of view that there's something we can do about this?

It doesn't go into solutions at all, just presents the facts of the people that died by guns.

I guess that's good in that it is less disputable that way.

It's so hard to even have a discussion about guns with some people. They get so emotional.

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