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How Two Designers Are Revolutionizing "Asian Fit" Sunglasses

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Diversity manifests itself in new products like these sunglasses for people with smaller noses and higher cheekbones.

Judging by how successful their Kickstarter was, they really are serving an underserved need.

The designers just wrapped up their Kickstarter campaign for Covry last week, surpassing their goal of $18,500 by 280%. "We were definitely not expecting it to do that well," says Shin. "We knew we had an audience but we were excited when we saw how many people were so enthusiastic about product."

When asked what they attributed the success of the campaign to, the pair said that it resonated with a lot of people who share similar frustrations, not just Asians. "'Asian Fit' we found to be a bit assuming because a lot of people who aren't Asian have this problem," says Wang. "It's been really inspiring to see everyone's messages and feedback: 'We've been waiting so long for something like this, why hasn't anyone else thought of this?'" Wang and Shin had hit upon a large group of people who were dealing with the same frustration.

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