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Living Off the Grid Under the Sun

Living Off the Grid Under the Sun Bogdan s Blog


The entire house has energy efficient lighting. With all the lights on we might be using 150-200 watts, at best. But things you may not think about at first do consume surprisingly a lot of electricity. For instance, your average coffee maker will easily pull 1.2kW and a 50 inch flat screen LCD TV will happily consume 250 watts or more. Before moving to an off the grid house, I never bothered to read those little tags on the back of electronics, the ones that tell you how many watts and amps the device in question will pull. Now, it’s the first thing I look at.

We still have the luxury of the microwave, but I like to make fun by saying that our microwave is gas powered. We have a microwave in the RV, parked a few feet from our house. On the rare occasions when we just HAVE to microwave something, we get the generator going. I know, it’s not the most ecologically friendly option, but when you have to microwave, you have to microwave.

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Seems like they would benefit if they had some modern energy storage solution.

Perhaps they'll consider the Tesla Powerwall battery upgrade in the future:

They do have enough storage for 2+ days of electricity. Author wonders whether solar is really that clean due to the batteries tho.

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