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Blame Iowa

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Across the board, Romney pandered to the right. He did so on guns, abortion and even Iran. A GOP candidate has to oppose same-sex marriage, deny global warming and insist — against all evidence — that local control of education is the best. The only way around these positions is to skip the Iowa caucuses entirely. It is no place for a moderate. It is, really, no place for a thinking person. It’s just preposterous that Iowa — 30th in population among the states — gets to be the gatekeeper for the Republican Party and, in a sense, the entire nation.

The worst thing is that the Republican Party did it to itself.

Perhaps now they'll be motivated to change things.

Nah. They never learn.

There is a lot of talk about how the demographic switch will occur within the GOP probably at 2016. In 2014, they will still get to bash Obama.

However, I think Romney received bad advice. After gaining the primary votes necessary to clinch the nomination, the usual play is to be that "etcha-sketch" and begin courting the American center/moderate. Romney decided to keep up with the push to the right for fear of upsetting some of his big dollar donors. Wrong decision it looks like now. VP pick of Ryan. Pandering to the right. These are not the real Mitt Romney. I do not often agree with David Brooks from the NYT, but I do this past week. Romney has never been authentic in his Presidential bids. He would have a much greater chance of success in the general election showing his true colors. Yes, he had to wiggle and move to the right for Primary, but a lot of candidates have had to in the past. The march back to the center, using one's own personality, is what wins American general elections. Kerry made that mistake. McCain did too. For some reason, recent candidates have feared that hard march to center. I believe it is money.

What a fun argument that would be. Get better Republican candidates by doing away with non-government funded elections. This week's Meet the Press.

Or, the problem is Romney doesn't TAKE advice.

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