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New Study Says China’s Air Pollution Causes 4400 Deaths Per Day

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1.6 million deaths per year!

According to the study, the most deadly pollutant was in the form of tiny particles coming from electric power plants, and from the fossil fuels that are used in homes and factories used for heating. These tiny particles have been entering the lungs and bloodstream of people, which has been causing illnesses from asthma to heart disease.

“During our analysis period, 92 percent of the population of China experienced (over) 120 hours of unhealthy air (U.S. EPA standard), and 38 percent experienced average concentrations that were unhealthy. The observed air pollution is calculated to contribute to 1.6 million deaths/year in China (0.7-2.2 million deaths/year at 95 percent confidence), roughly 17 percent of all deaths in China, the authors wrote.

Why doesn't China see this as a huge problem?

That's enormous. Geez, those poor people.

Plus this has far more implications for global climate change than I realized. 

Beijing air pollution impact on a human is the equivalent of smoking 40 packs of cigarettes a day.

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