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We should host the Olympics in the same place every time

We should host the Olympics in the same place every time The Washington Post


Though Olympic boosters say the Summer Games allow a city to showcase itself to a global audience, only two Games, both in Los Angeles, have ever made a real profit. They managed to do so by using existing facilities and commercializing the Games to an extent that the IOC is unlikely to accept again. 

These soaring costs are baked into the city selection process. The game of the Games is rigged, with the IOC bearing no cost but reaping great profits. The competition is designed to force cities to bid ever upward, proposing state-of-the-art projects that they might not even need. Because of the mounting price tag, the vast majority of countries could never afford to host the Games.

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Looks like Los Angeles is the leader to win the 2024 nomination over San Francisco and Washington DC now that Boston dropped out over costs.

By 2024 LA should have at least one more new football sized stadium too, if the NFL gets its act together. 

By contrast, SF would need LA's help if they win the bid. 

Amazing that the only two profitable Olympics were in LA. 

Btw the IOC sounds a lot like FIFA in the way it exploits host countries. 

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