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The Most Insecure Voting Machines in America Decommissioned

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Beth, I read the following about election fraud last week and now you've provided a nice spot to stash it.

Makes me wonder why there isn't more outrage over election fraud. 

When you work in the software industry it's particularly disconcerting. It's clear how easy it is to turn 1s into 2s. Perhaps we were better off with hanging chads?

Any voting system can be cheated unless there are checks and balances. 

It's better in the long run if we figure out a system that uses technology and is fair.

It's always surprising that we can utilize the highest degree of security for credit card transactions but make voting machines so insecure. And the fact that many states don't require a paper trail just makes you wonder. Not to mention various ties between the companies that develop the voting machines and political parties. It was highly exposed in 2004 but has gone relatively silent since.

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