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Universal Basic Income: Imagine never worrying about money


There’s a clock counting down to the biggest upset in human civilization since the Industrial Revolution: The day when governments around the world begin paying their citizens a monthly salary just for being alive.

Some people think such an idea is radical; many think it’s simply impossible. In a new video essay for Fusion, filmmaker Adam Westbrook reveals why a Universal Basic Income might actually be inevitable – and happening a lot sooner than we think.

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post- scarcity, yay!

Are we there yet? Seems like not yet. Seems like a bumpy road to get to there. 

organization and politics seem like the roadblocks more than production and capability? 

I agree with that. Too bad no presidential candidate is pushing this agenda. 

Still, it's a good thought experiment: What would you do if you never had to worry about money?

create more and enjoy more. 

Seems like you can do that even worrying about money. :)

I would say it is a part of the struggle. 

Out of struggle comes more creativity. And often more enjoyment too.


I'm just saying we may not need to delay as much for the future as we think. 

We have something not far from that in France, and probably in some northern Europe countries too.

<< The Revenu de solidarité active (RSA) is a French form of in work welfare benefit aimed at reducing the barrier to return to work. It was implemented on 1 June 2009 by the French government.

RSA replaces Revenu minimum d'insertion; its goal is to provide a minimum income for unemployed and underemployed workers, with the aim of encouraging them to find work, and provide a complement for low-wage workers so that they do not suffer the perverse effects of earning less through employment than unemployment.


As of 1 January 2014, the monthly RSA allocation is 499.31 € (550$) for a single person and 1,079€ for a couple with two children. >>

... but it's still work oriented, it's a help to find a new job. Maybe a first step to the UBI?

I think that in the future, lot of jobs will be completely replaced by machines, and humans will have less "work" to do (as explained in the video).

That scares a lot of people, because they associate work and (money for) living.

But with a universal basic income, it would solve the problem, and people would be able to dedicate themselves to what they want to do, create, produce without being constrained by economical interests.

rapunzel I've got a dream gif imgur tumblr tangled

Oce and Rapunzel are right. A universal basic income solves a lot of problems.

My main question is where the money to pay the basic income comes from. 

The pocket of the future multi-trillionaire founder of

Mark my words, if PandaWhale creates a trillionaire founder there will be basic income for all.

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