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You Dirty RAT: Analyzing an AlienSpy Payload

You Dirty RAT Analyzing an AlienSpy Payload Proofpoint Enterprise Email Security Email Archiving and Privacy Protection Solutions


RATs such as AlienSpy constitute powerful surveillance tools that would enable them to observe and collect information on the communications and actions of adversaries, making them attractive to state actors and cybercriminals alike. As we continue to observe ‘crossover’ in the traditional targeting of state actors and cybercriminals, public and private organizations need to be on alert for phishing and other attacks designed to deliver RATs such as AlienSpy onto client systems.

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For those of us new to the nomenclature, a RAT is a random access Trojan. 

also, remote access trojan (tool) 

Ah, ok. AlienSpy is freeware or commercial?

malware. It is a trojan. 

Oh ok. I was under the impression it could be used as a tool. 

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