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Time to Welcome a New Era of Rangers

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This guy is a West Point graduate and a proud Ranger, and he is ready to welcome the first two female officers to ever graduate from Army Ranger school.

By the way, I understand that these women met EXACTLY the same physical standards as their male comrades: same number of pushups and chin-ups, same time on the runs, carrying packs of the same weight. Not that I'm that impressed with chin-ups as a measure of leadership potential, but if you are... there it is.

"Things that happened to me at Ranger School in no particular order: lost 55 pounds, fell off a mountain, got stress fractures in both of my feet, scorpion bites, spider bites, minor muscle tear, shit my pants due to food poisoning, went to the brink of being a heat casualty but got saved by a massive rainstorm, got fire ant bites on my penis, saw magical creatures of the forest because of sleep deprivation, and sank a boat."

Wow, they completed the exact same standards. That's so much better than I could EVER do!

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