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Probiotics are bacteria and fungi that confer a health benefit on the host. Probiotics in our bodies outweigh our brains.

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Our microbiome is an organ replete with probiotic bacteria:

The typically human brain weights about 3 pounds, and a healthy human body will have over 3.5 pounds of probiotic bacteria and organisms (according to Casey Adams Ph.D. The fact that our heart weights only 0.7 pounds, our liver weights about 4 pounds, makes our probiotic bacteria one of the largest organs in our body.

1 trilion cells and 10 trillion probiotics in human body fact Imgur

There are ten times more probiotics than cells in our bodies:

In a healthy person, there are more than 100-300 Trillion probiotic bacteria and yeast, compared to only 10 trillion cells in our body. According to Mary Ellen Sanders, if the bacteria in our body were laid end to end, they would encircle the globe 2.5 times.

probiotics are responsible for 70% of our immune response fact imgur

Probiotics are responsible for 70% of our immune response:

According to Casey Adams Ph.D., probiotics play a role in 70-80% of our immune response. Probiotics stimulate everything from T-cells to macrophages. Probiotics also activate cytokines and phagocytic cells to coordinate the immune response.

21 Amazing Facts About Probiotics Probiotics org

400 strains of probiotics live in our bodies:

According to numerous research studies, there are well over 400 probiotic strains resident in our bodies. Some of these probiotics are permanent residents, and others are transient. Interestingly, only 20 strains account for 75% of the mass of bacteria that live in our bodies.

Numerous scientists also argue that the combined DNA of our probiotic residents are more important to our survival than our own DNA.

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