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Clinton tells Black Lives Matter activists to focus on ways to change policy, not ‘change hearts.’ - The Washington Post

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She just doesn't get it.

The comments are also generally beneficial for rationally interpreting the situation from different points of view.  I find good comments from mypitts2... and some shrewd but worthy perspectives from others. In reading all of this (race x politics stories and comments) you have to have an open mind, delay the emotional reaction.



3:55 PM PDT

Let's talk about "Black Lives Matter". Correct me, if I am wrong, but they are showing up at Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton events. I am waiting to read a news article that shows them at a Republican event. I, suspiciously suspect a "Republican "swift boat" maneuver, here. By confronting Democrats, they are making the case that the help, there, is ineffective, so even though there appears to be no hope of getting help from the Republican side, this strategy tries to imply that the two sides are equal on the issue, while every thinking person knows they are not.  Someone, please, investigate!



3:55 PM PDT

Today there is such mutual distrust and fear between the police and the (identifiably distinct) African-American community, that it seems we need to remind each other that black lives matter. I think it's at least worth contemplating what role was played by a generation of young people being licensed and encouraged to present themselves in encounters with police as N.W.A. (I tried posting this comment with that slogan explicated, but apparently I'm not allowed to do that.) 


4:12 PM PDT

You know that taking the actions of one person and abstracting that out to the whole race is the very definition of racism, right? Remember the female astronaut who put on a diaper and drove a great distance to try to kidnap her boyfriend's lover? Is that an illustration of how the white community behaves in this country? Or just the actions of a love-sick individual who was also somewhat disturbed?

> Giedi Prime

3:21 PM PDT [Edited]

At the government, national level, we must focus on restoring opportunity. The exporting of jobs that destroyed cities like Detroit, we must have a plan for restoring opportunity, training for jobs and filling jobs.  At the local, community level, communities must focus on accountability and responsibility. 

3:13 PM PDT

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3:04 PM PDT

Blacks kill blacks and whites kill whites because people generally kill people they know - The fact that violence tends to be single race speaks more to the level of segregation in our lives than any predisposition to murdering people who look like you.

The best is this string:


2:56 PM PDT

Analogies are always inadequate, but plunging forward nevertheless - it was the political executive action of Lyndon Johnson which underpins whatever progress African-Americans (and many others) have made in the last few decades. I'll wager quite a lot that he didn't have, or even think about having, a "change of heart". He left that to Mr. King, and got the laws passed (which of course would not have happened without King's outside agitation and pressure). So I think there is a lot of historical precedent for Ms. Clinton's response. I believe she has her finger on the pulse of politics, as it were.


3:01 PM PDT

Rev. King didn't actually focus on "change of heart" either other than getting news/events into the national and international dialogue enough to pressure national legislators. One thing I've noticed, having had the opportunity to live in the South for a few years, is that it really did take changing the laws to change hearts where segregation was concerned. Once the laws were changed, and people had to change their behaviors they realized that the sky wasn't going to fall and the world wasn't going to implode. People are inherently change adverse, and many of them will not change their hearts enough first to change their actions, but we've seen that the reverse does actually work.

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3:08 PM PDT

This is backed up by sociology. I studied it a bit in grad school many years ago in a set of texts by a couple of guys named Aronson. People fear the unknown but then after being exposed to the unknown they discover that their fears are largely unfounded. This is how societal changes happen. You forcibly integrate the schools (by law) and people discover that someone with a different skin color is still a person and that you may have more in common than you think. It is gradual and some people may never get it, but many people do get it and their hearts change as a result. Interesting reading.

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