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5 Ways to Make Your Boss Look Good at Work

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My favorite is 5. Bring Solutions Instead of Problems

Everyone — including the boss — has to do more with less these days. When part of your job is managing people, you can end up spending a lot of your time just putting out fires, resolving conflicts, and trying to keep the trains running on time. Unfortunately, as a result, the work you actually need to get done can fall by the wayside (hello, late night emails!). Let’s be honest: Most employees come to their managers with a problem and look to them to present a way to fix it — not unlike parents and children.

Save your boss time and energy by coming with potential solutions to whatever challenge you’re facing. Next time a problem pops up, try to avoid marching into the office and saying, “I have a problem. What should I do?” She’d much prefer to hear, “I have a problem. Here’s how I would propose handling it. What do you think?”

While it seems like a small change, this approach will not only save her the trouble of having to solve the conundrum for you, but will also demonstrate that you have the “figure-it-out” gene.

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