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Starbucks Is About To Unleash 3,000 Wine Bars On America. We Tried One.

Starbucks Is About To Unleash 3 000 Wine Bars On America We Tried One VinePair

Starbucks Is About To Unleash 3 000 Wine Bars On America We Tried One VinePair


Waiting for my order I looked around and realized I was the only one that had taken advantage of the Starbucks Evenings. Sure, it was only about a half hour into the opening, but damn. The place was packed and almost every table was occupied by a Brooklynite with a laptop, and no beer or wine in sight. My name was called as a barista walked onto the floor and offered me my order, a wooden tray with two plates and a stemless glass of Pinot tucked between. And this is where things got a bit weird.

When you order a Frappuccino and want to find a spot to sip and enjoy, all you have in your hand is a cup. I, on the other hand, was walking with two plates balanced precariously on each side of a tray that was too small for said plates, with a wine glass balanced in between. It felt very school cafeteria. Here I was, the only person with booze, trying to find a spot to sit among a sea of Powerbooks. It was like being the new kid in class self-consciously searching for a place to have lunch, away from the various cliques. And in true high school form, as I walked around the floor scoping a seat, I was getting the hairy eyeball from almost everywhere I looked. ‘Don’t you sit next to me’ those eyes said, ‘I am doing something very important here on this mac of mine and I don’t need some boozer next to me sipping wine and eating cheese. You might spill that alcoholic red juice all over me.’ Weird.

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I wonder if they're going to have success mixing the evening coffee drinkers and wine drinkers. 

We'll see. 

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