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If VR Is Going to Become a Business, We Might Need to Rethink the Living Room

If VR Is Going to Become a Business We Might Need to Rethink the Living Room Re code


There’s this weird idea floating in the virtual reality hype circles right now: We’ll create new rooms in our houses to make VR happen.


“Even a few decades ago, people would have never considered having a TV room in the house,” Endeavor One co-founder Tom Doyle said. “Now, every single house you go to, there are multiple TV rooms, multiple media rooms for kids.”

Doyle’s company is making a game called Duel, which looks a lot like Disney’s “Tron” movies, that will see HTC Vive owners walking or running around their rooms as they battle with futuristic weapons. He says he expects dedicated “VR rooms,” which will remove fears of tripping over the coffee table as you play, to be mainstream within five years.

And believe it or not, he’s not alone. In an interview earlier this year, Owlchemy Labs chief scientist Alex Schwartz (who’s also making high-end VR games) said he had let friends spend an hour or more in a VR room at his house, painting in the buzzy Google-owned art app Tilt Brush.

“Someone drew a fireplace with animated fire, and then drew a room around themselves,” Schwartz said. “Then they just sat on the rug and looked at the fire for an hour.”

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It seems like the TV room is evolving into the VR room.

Funny that we call it a Living Room.

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