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Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site

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Guess how many of the 37 million users in the Ashley Madison database were actual real live women? The announced number was 5.5 million, but this guy has a very different number. And he is NOT trying to discount for the numerous cam-girls and straight prostitutes. I guess this hack definitely proved one thing: women do not go to websites to cheat on their husbands.

Wow, so why are there 5.5 million unused women accounts?

Apparently on Tinder a lot of the "women" are robots too.

The best line of all:

Either way, we’re left with data that suggests Ashley Madison is a site where tens of millions of men write mail, chat, and spend money for women who aren’t there.

I guess some data is not up to the reader's interpretation.

That's right. One wonders if anyone will ever trust a site like this again.

One also wonders how anyone COULD ever have trusted a site like this, ever.

It's a site built on deceipt. That's not good.

Oops, the author of this article is partially retracting her "research":

Yes but she does confirm that the site used 70,000 female robots to engage with real men more than 20 million times.

What I have learned from examining the site’s source code is that Ashley Madison’s army of fembots appears to have been a sophisticated, deliberate, and lucrative fraud. The code tells the story of a company trying to weave the illusion that women on the site are plentiful and eager. Whatever the total number of real, active female Ashley Madison users is, the company was clearly on a desperate quest to design legions of fake women to interact with the men on the site.

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