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Dinosaur Bones with Chipotle-Cherry Barbecue Sauce Recipe

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I honestly never had any idea that BBQed beef ribs -- which I have eaten a couple times at Texas-style barbeque restaurants, and been underwhelmed by -- were the same thing as the delectable marinated short ribs that I have been eating all my Korean-American life!

So why are BBQed beef ribs underwhelming compared with short ribs?

Lack of marinade? Or lack of fat maybe? They just aren't very interesting flavor-wise -- especially cooked Texas-style, which involves a lot of smoke but no sauce -- and generally are also not especially tender or succulent. Also if the meat isn't falling-off-the-bone tender, beef ribs are hard as crap to eat.

Yeah, what you're saying makes sense. BBQ optimizes for smokiness, not tenderness or flavor.