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A crap shoot: New York City ponders a plan to make power from puppy poop...

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This writer is a fan of alliteration.

The idea is to fit parks with small anaerobic digesters. Dog owners would place their mongrels’ mounds into the machine, which then converts poo to gas for powering lamps and other park equipment. A year-long pilot would introduce digesters in three parks at a cost of around $100,000. The parks department is pondering the proposal. Similar schemes in other cities have proved short-lived. An underground Energy Transformation Using Reactive Digestion (E-TURD) device created by Arizona State University students for a dog park in Gilbert, Arizona, in 2012 ultimately failed.

I like the alliteration. And I like the idea. I wonder if it's economically viable?

In some ways this is similar to the German sewage to energy plan:

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