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Startup With No Website Tri Alpha Energy Just Announced a Major Fusion Breakthrough

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If Tri Alpha’s claim is true, then the company has managed to hold a superheated ball of plasma steady for an incredibly long time, in fusion terms. What’s more, they’ve done so using a rather unusual reactor design — a long, cylindrical tube that collides pairs of plasma donuts to produce enormous amounts of heat. The resultant plasma blob is then stabilized with beams of high-energy particles, as explained in the video above.

I'm skeptical. But it would be cool if true.

Agree, Adam. Skepticism is appropriate given the history of this field. I don't understand the absence of a more public presence to this work. But this is where the scientific method is most valuable. Not in discovery, a mysterious process, but in transparent validation. 

ronald hayes

Right Ron! Additional separate transparent validation would go a long way in this case. 

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