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The Moon landing was a giant leap. The next leap is staying there.

The Moon landing was a giant leap The next leap is staying there Macleans ca


But if water is all that’s there, why exactly would we go there? “I could give you a thousand scientific reasons why I want to go study the Moon: it’s interesting, there’s great science we can do, we could build a telescope,” Spudis says. “But that doesn’t really move people. They need to see some practical value to it.” The real worth of the Moon, Spudis contends, resides in its ability to transform our Earth-based space program into a space-based space program—that is, to turn the Moon into our gateway to the galaxy.

Because of the Earth’s gravitational pull, it is monumentally expensive to launch anything—spacecraft, humans, fuel—out of its orbit. The Moon, with one-sixth of Earth’s gravity, doesn’t have that problem. If humans can colonize the Moon and turn that all-important lunar water into propellant, Spudis says, we “solve the major stumbling block of getting significant mass and power to different places in space.” The colony would be the cosmic equivalent of Everest base camp, he adds, with one major difference: “The goal is not any particular destination; it’s all the destinations.”

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It seems like successfully planting a colony on the moon would be a necessary precursor to colonizing Mars or further out in space.

Also seems easier than a Mars colony because of the proximity:

sounds like the nasa nerds need to lay off the reefer!

i understand the logic of having a lunar space station for launching stuff, but let's get serious.  the amount of human energy required for this is nuts.  and the monetary cost is outrageous.

just because we can imagine something doesn't make it a good idea.

and it's not like we're out of things to figure out here on our planet, which already has everything we need.

It might be important for the survival of the species to have the ability to have an off-earth colony.

nah. there's no way the survival of our species requires leaving our planet.  and if it does, maybe we ought to retire!

sounds like voldemort's plan to divide his soul into 7 pieces and scatter it around!

Yes though that didn't really work out for Voldemort, did it?

hahaha!  no, it didn't.  :)

We gotta find our Harry Potter. 

i was thinking the same thing!

Snape indeed gif imgur

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