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15 Quotes From the ‘Twenty-Four Histories’ of China

15 Quotes From the âTwenty-Four Histories' of China | The Vision Times

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Twenty-Four Histories, which is also known as the Standard Histories (zhengshi 正史), is a collection of Chinese official historical books that cover the period from 3000 B.C. to the Ming Dynasty in the 17th century.


The title of the collection dates back to 1775, which was the 40th year in the reign of the Qianlong Emperor. This was when the last volume, the “History of Ming,” was re-worked, and then the complete set of the histories was produced.

To think, all of this happened pre-United States. 

Fine examples:

7. Agriculture supports all people in the state and is the foundation of the world. —Han • Emperor Ji

8. It is called a mistake when one does something wrong without repentance. —Han • Emperor Ji

(Image: Wechat)(Image: Wechat)

9. A wise man can foresee danger before it comes into being; a wise man can see disaster before it happens. — Three Kingdom • Wei Shu • Zhong Hui Zhuan

10. One cannot be harmed by seeking to study, but can be harmed by avoiding it. —Three Kingdom • Wu Shu

(Image: Wechat)(Image: Wechat)

11. Leave your offspring an honorable name as their inheritance, for it is a generous gift. — Southern History • Xu Main Zhuan

12. Officials of the state should be clean and uncorrupt. Do not let the temptation of money ruin your life. — Yuan Shi • Liu Bin Zhuan

I particularly like this one:

It is called a mistake when one does something wrong without repentance.

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