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Robots are using wikiHow to figure out how to cook us breakfast.

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It's just a matter of time before the robots learn how to make robots.

RoboHow, a group of robotics researchers from multiple European universities, are trying to teach robots how to cook, among other things, MIT Technology Review reported. The robots learn, like most budding cooks these days, through a combination of being shown how to make something by a knowledgable human, and then parsing information from how-to websites and videos, just to make sure.

I found this part interesting:


There are extra challenges when it comes to teaching robots how to cook. Humans amass a certain amount of general knowledge from just getting on with their lives—we don’t need to be taught how to hold a spatula or a frying pan, as we’ve held similarly shaped objects before. A robot, on the other hand, needs to be taught everything, from the correct grip and right angle to hold a spatula, to opening a bottle, to what a pancake even is.

To make the process more scalable, the researchers at RoboHow are trying to build robots that can be taught general knowledge and apply that to specific tasks.~~~~~~~~~~~~Makes you think that as part of the Operating System there should be "nurturing" component similar to what a baby experiences from infancy to toddler, etc.

Beth that's exactly what comes to mind!

Soon we will be raising robots the way we raise children. Imagine that.

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