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Hacked Raspberry Pi turned into artificial pancreas

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Not gonna lie, I was not 100% sure what the pancreas did and thus how one would hack it given the Raspberry Pi. Turns out it is the diabetes organ, makes the insulin you need to get energy from food. Also turns out that diabetes technology is sort of amazingly dumb and outdated!

What an inventive way to make an artificial pancreas:

This isn't a new organ or something inside her body, but a group of electronics that can mimic the functions her pancreas is missing. A Raspberry Pi mini computer takes data from the USB stick and glucose monitor and transfers the recommendation to the insulin pump. It's all online, so Lewis and Leibrand can track it on their watches, although she does have to carry around a stack of electronics.

This is incredible. Will make a huge difference to insulin dependent diabetics

To some of them, at least. It's unclear how many people could benefit from this technology.

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