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Science Has Its Problems, But the Web Could Be the Fix

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I didn't realize that the recent replication attempt of 100 psychology papers was actually due to a bigger project called the Open Science Framework that is trying to bring the methods of Open Source to research.

Yeah, the framework lets scientists share not just data but study designs too:

Over the last three years, the Open Science Collaboration brought together 270 co-authors and 86 contributing volunteers to replicate the studies, all of which were first published in 2008 by three large psychology journals. That level of coordination was made possible by a custom-built science-doing environment called the Open Science Framework—free, open-source software in which researchers can compile materials, study designs, and data. “It makes it very easy to make parts or all of that data publicly available, to increase transparency and reproducibility,” says psychologist Brian Nosek, leader of the study and executive director of the Center for Open Science, which supports the framework.

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