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Workers in a World of Continuous Partial Employment

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I'm not the biggest fan of Uber or other "first-world problems" providers, but I think we need to acknowledge that "virtually all low wage workers in America are on-demand workers". As our economy morphs in new and unpredictable ways, I feel that we need to focus on protecting the masses from the downsides AND helping them benefit from the upsides of changes.

Agreed. Seems like a huge challenge.

We need to recognize that yes, these are contingent jobs, without a safety net, and that while these platforms may be great for part time workers looking for supplemental or transitional income, they provide something very far from the kind of long term stability that constitute what we would call “a good job.” And yes, there are Uber drivers who want a greater voice to set rates and rules. Right now they don’t have any way to bargain over the conditions of their services.

But we also need to recognize that traditional jobs today have much the same problem.

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