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This Much Will Kill You, by AsapScience

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70 cups of coffee has enough caffeine to kill a 70kg person.

Fortunately it's impossible to drink 70 cups in one sitting. 

13 alcohol shots in a row sounds doable. Don't do it. It's lethal. 

2 cherry pits have enough cyanide to take you down?!

It takes 680kg of marijuana taken within 15 minutes to overdose. 

No wonder there's never been a marijuana overdose. 

Today I learned that 9% of marijuana users are addicts from this Dr Kevin Hill AMA:

Smoking vs vaping:

How much FOX News does it take?

Innoculate yourself with PBS and NPR, stat!

And PBR!


And PW!

I prefer this hard Ginger Beer, my current favorite beverage:

hard ginger beer hollows meme imgur

Beware of Imitations!

I've never had hard ginger beer before. Will look for it. 

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