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Nightmarish Lovecraftian sea monster washes ashore in South Carolina

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"The corpse of a bizarre-looking creature washed ashore in Folly Beach, South Carolina.  The large 'sea monster' confounded residents..."

It's not yet clear exactly what this horrible creature is, but one thing is clear: it's time to panic.

This unspeakable horror from the abyss could be but a twilight harbinger of the approaching night, an omen from Mother Nature admonishing mankind has he has defiled her body for too long and must now pay the ultimate price...

Put your affairs in order, people. Make peace with your enemies. Kiss your loved ones goodbye.

We're fucked.

Apparently there is a veterinarian in Folly Beach who claims that this is an Atlantic sturgeon, but we can't make any assumptions at this point. Especially not from a doctor who lives in a town called "Folly Beach."

17- foot giant squids are horrifying. This is not in their league.

Still, sea monsters in South Carolina are fun to search for.

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