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Scientists discover that the world contains dramatically more trees than previously thought.

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Good news: there are a lot more trees on the planet than we thought. Bad news: reforestation is going to be a lot harder than we thought. REALLY bad news: there are only enough trees to last for 200 more years at this rate of deforestation.

How did they miscount the number of trees on this planet before?

And is there any good way to not deplete the trees other than reduce the deforestation rate?


15 billion trees are cut down yearly, a loss of more than two trees for every person.

The number of trees has fallen by 46 percent since the advent of human civilization.

3.04 trillion trees remain.

For now.

Reddit comment:

I think the more important piece of information from this article is the enviornmental impact of tree loss on global CO2 levels. The article stated trees are ~46% of their maximum numbers, this would imply the atmospheres stable state for CO2 level is now some percentage lower. We as the main consumer of trees and producers of CO2 have inadvertently attacked the problem from both sides. We're producing more CO2 than ever and we have killed a large chunk of the systems designed to consume said CO2. Definitely the biggest point from the article for me.


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