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This Is Your Body in an Office Job

This Is Your Body in an Office Job vs Your Body in a Physical Job


After the deluge of studies showing sitting's ill effects, these health risks shouldn't come as a surprise. Sitting all the time with crappy posture — slumped over, neck bent, feet not firmly planted, arms akimbo — can mess up a lot of things in your body. These problems go far beyond your ability to stand up straight: They hit your circulation, your brain and even your sex life.

So while working on your feet may seem grueling, working a sedentary desk job is slowly and quietly wearing down your body. Here are the effects from the top down.

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Why sitting is bad for you, from TED:

Yes, "text neck" is a thing.

As you start to bend your neck forward to look down, the amount of weight increases. By the time your neck is at a 60-degree angle, Hansraj writes, your neck is holding 60 pounds, or about the weight of a golden retriever. That is, of course, a severe angle, and probably wouldn't happen unless you spend the whole day looking down at your phone. (Oh, wait — we all do that.)

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