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Walking Every Street In San Francisco

SF Walking Man

SF Walking Man

SF Walking Man

SF Walking Man


Walking every street in San Francisco seemed an endless task. Pieced together, the pavement would stretch all the way from here to Juarez, Mexico.

Only a handful of people have done it. And now I can say I have. All 2,612 streets.

I have seen this city from every hilltop. Visited every neighborhood. Walked every street - from First to 31st. From Second to 48th avenues. From A Street to Zoo Road. From the bay to the Pacific. From the Golden Gate to the San Mateo County line.

It took more than 500 hours during a seven-year period.

To cover the city's 1,260 miles of streets, I went the extra mile. A few hundred extra miles, actually. Cul-de-sacs and detours around hills add up. So do return trips to the car. I traveled a total of 1,500 to 2,000 miles.

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I'll keep this goal in mind, maybe someday ;)

You interested in just the walking, or in all parts of San Francisco?

I like the idea of walking every street in SF, I could probably cross many off already, but much more to go.  You would really know the city.

Yes but wouldn't it take a very long time to do?

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