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The Weird Pig with Blue Fat throughtout its Body

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"Everything else about the pig was normal, the meat, blood, etc. The only weird part was the blue fat throughout the body."

That's pretty weird.

Maybe it's silver, like what causes humans skin to turn blue?


In 2007 press reports described Paul Karason, an American man whose entire skin gradually turned blue after consuming what he believed was colloidal silver made by himself with distilled water, salt and silver, and using a silver salve on his face in an attempt to treat problems with his sinus, dermatitis, acid reflux and other issues.[13] Karason died on September 23, 2013 after suffering a heart attack and stroke.[

I wouldn't eat that pig!

Wow!  Neither would I!

From my "research", the likely cause is rat poison.  "The cyanide absorbed into the body works by binding up copper and iron ...... in the form of dyed blue or green (occasionally brown) pellets or wax blocks."

But thank you for providing a provocative rock band name: Colloidal Pig.  :)

Imgurians, you rascals: I do not like blue eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam I am.

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