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Unicorpse - Feld Thoughts

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I really like what Brad Feld says about obsessive focus on product and customer. That shows through and any time I've used a product or service from a startup, that is what really made me stick with them (even if they weren't perfect) and made me want to spread the word.

None of these companies were ultimately worth $1 billion or more. Each of them stumbled for different reasons, but a lack of obsessive focus on product and customer was a big part of why they vaporized. They assumed, regardless of how much capital they had, that they could raise more. They didn’t focus on building a long term, sustainable business that had a huge protective mote around it. I don’t care how disruptive you are – if you don’t build a moat, someone is going to come disrupt you.

Pretty much exactly the same thing Ben Horowitz regularly says.

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