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Tony Hsieh's home in a trailer park in Las Vegas

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I like this. It resonates with me. And not just because of his pet llama.

Tony Hsieh could buy a private island if he wanted to. 

The Zappos CEO has a reported net worth of $840 million.

But Hsieh chooses to live in a Las Vegas trailer park he owns, according to a recent profile in The New York Times. 

The trailer park is "crammed with shiny silver Airstreams that are rented out to visiting computer coders," according to David Gelles at The Times

Hsieh lives in a trailer in the community he calls "Llamapolis" with his pet alpaca. 

The trailer park is part of Hsieh's $350 million investment into making Las Vegas a metropolitan city with thriving business and entertainment scenes. 

It also includes features like community campfires and a shared kitchen housed in a shipping container, according to Las Vegas Weekly.

"The Airstreams are sleek and high-tech, with wood paneling, stainless-steel appliances, a Bluetooth stereo and two TVs," magazine author Kristy Totten writes. 

In the past, Hsieh has been named one of the most frugal millionaires. 

"Money is just a way for Tony to get to his endgame," Erik Moore, an early  Zappos  investor, told Business Insider. "Money just doesn't matter to him. If he only had a million dollars left, he'd spend $999,999 to make Vegas work. He would be just as happy with a dollar in the bank and being around people he cares about and care about him."

15 frugal billionaires who live like the rest of us:

There's a difference as big as the Grand Canyon between "living small for a billionaire" and "living like the rest of us". Warren Buffett, for instance, lives in a little old house and eats junk food... but he only flies private, and even bought the private-jet company. And Zuck might live in a relatively modest house... but he also bought up like 10 Palo Alto estates adjoining his own for a cordon sanitaire. Oh, and a big chunk of a Hawaiian island. So... you know, don't trust billionaires claiming to be regular folk.

Well said. Billionaires are not regular folk no matter how small they live. 

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