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BillFixers Haggles With Companies to Get Your Bills Reduced

BillFixers Haggles With Companies to Get Your Bills Reduced Bloomberg Business


When Evan Diamond, office manager at an iPhone repair outfit called ICracked, realized his company’s telephone bill had grown to $1,500 a month, he could have haggled with AT&T Wireless himself. “But I didn’t want to stay on hold for 30 minutes or get hung up on over and over again,” he says. “I value my time.”

While browsing the forum website Reddit one day, he came across BillFixers. It’s a service run by brothers Julian, 25, and Ben Kurland, 22, who wrote a Reddit post offering to negotiate fees for anyone who asked. They expected one or two responses, then 17 people immediately got in touch.

Diamond was one of them. It took some calls and a few hours, but the Kurlands reduced ICracked’s monthly telecommunications bill to $646 and secured the company a bigger data package and unlimited messaging. Since then, the brothers have worked as a proxy for more than 500 customers, who’ve saved an average of $300 each a year. They typically split annual savings halfway with their clients.

“This comes from a place of not wanting to let these companies get away with what they charge,” says Julian, who for years had the strange hobby of negotiating his friends’ cable bills. As of last summer, he was working for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. Ben had just graduated from college and was looking for something to do. Since starting their business, they’ve made tens of thousands of dollars in commissions.

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It's a pretty brilliant service they offer. 

I'd imagine that the more they negotiate with AT&T or Comcast, the better they'll get at negotiating.