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Searching for the "grey market" foods of New York City

Searching for the grey market foods of New York City Hopes&Fears flow Food


While NYC is filled with hidden treasures some of these treasures are a bit vague in their legality. Our writer scours the streets and shops in search of these allegedly illicit food items, tastes them and investigates why they've landed in the grey area.


For most people — myself included, until recently — the FDA, USDA, and DEA are simply acronyms that represent a faceless triad of opaque bureaucratic enforcers of what you can or can’t legally put in your mouth. They are what we blame when that heirloom citrus or rare Georgian cured sausage is confiscated at customs, but also who we should thank for not dying of food poisoning and having products clearly labeled.

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I will remember to be more thankful for not getting food poisoned as much. :)

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