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Three Ways Pee Could Change The World

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I love that you read a tumblr called Gross Science. 

I am curious about why menopausal urine from Nuns would be used as hormone replacement?

I wondered that too.

"... during menopause women’s urine was likely to contain high levels of the hormones that stimulate ovulation. Why? Because as the ovaries decline, the pituitary gland raises these hormone levels in an intensifying attempt to release the remaining eggs."

As for the nuns: Convents have high concentrations of post-menopausal women in one place. <shudder> (12 years of Catholic school here.)

So it's only for the population of menopausal women. The Nuns themselves don't have some sort of magic hormone in their urine. 

Nuns have no magical properties.  

So do I need to delete the post above on the pituitary?   

I went to Catholic schools also. There is nothing magical about a nun. 

The pituitary post explains the concept very well! 

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