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Why Airline Travel Sucks

Why Airline Travel Sucks It s Partially Your Fault Co Design business design


"Think about an airline like United, and they’re shackled with unintentionally bad labor arrangements," he says. "A 20-year veteran flight crew [member] is going to get the choicest route on United, and unfortunately, that’s the person who is most disgruntled about what they’re doing, because they have 20 years of United screwing them over."


"There’s no justice in air travel." See if any of these infuriating moments he lists off in quick succession sound familiar to you:

"If I do the right thing and I check my bag, I go to the gate, and the jackass with the biggest bag—you can’t believe went through TSA—checks his gate-side for free. It’s like, I did what i was supposed to do, and for my troubles, I got dinged $25."

"United has no fewer than eight boarding zones. I can’t think of a way that’d be more effective than instituting a caste system. It’s like, we have seven waves of people more important to you! It’s not about efficiency in boarding, it’s about more miles, credits—who has and who has not."

"There’s a special place in hell reserved for the person who gets on the plane first, drops their bag at row 8, and sits at row 25."

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is there a rule against removing someone's bag from your row if they are not seated there?

No, but there should be.

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