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DARPA Has Made a Brain Implant That Boosts Your Memory

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Would you want a brain implant that improves your memory?

A lot of happiness is the result of the ability to forget. 

First I would want to know if improved memory boosted other brain functions.

True, it's unclear that improved memory helps with anything else. 

Actually, seems like the goal is to help those with traumatic brain injuries:

The agency wrote in a statement their device is showing promise with improving patient’s memory tests scores. It is “raising hope that such approaches may someday help individuals suffering from memory deficits as a result of traumatic brain injury or other pathologies.”

DARPA’s Restoring Active Memory (RAM) program presented their preliminary findings at the ‘Wait, What? A Future Technology Forum,’ which is also hosted by the agency at St. Louis.

In previous studies, it has been shown that applying an electrical stimulus directly to the areas of the brain that are connected with memory, can improve the patient’s recollection of information-like lists.

Justin Sanchez who is the RAM program manager said: “In just over one-year into the effort, the novel approach to facilitating memory formation, and recall has already been tested in a few dozen human volunteers. The subjects in the study have neurological problems unrelated to memory loss, but volunteered to test the new neuro-technological interventions while they were undergoing brain surgery.”